Jun 13, 2009

Evil in Religion: Christian Man Raped, Murdered

Christian Man Raped, Murdered for Refusing to Convert to Islam, Family Says - FOXNews.com

Islam, the religion of peace according to Barack Obama, George W. Bush and many others, is once again at the heart of a brutal act. Of course, brutality is highlighted when it is a nut killing an abortionist, but where is the major story covering this (outside of Fox News)?

Islam is brutal and vengeful at its very heart and it is clear when islamic history is viewed in an honest effort to get to the truth. For more information see Don Walton's book The Truth About Islam. (<=Click for information on this great book!)


James said...

What do you make of the many, many protests in Iran going on over the alleged fraudulent re-election of Ahmadinejad?

I'm not sure whether the majority of the protesters are Muslims, but it's clear they do not want to be under the control of a theocracy.

I've seen several documentaries on Iran: there are many citizens who reject religious fanaticism.

pregador27 said...

Hi James, Long time no see (hear? read?). Good question. I think that many Muslims are nominal. However, they tend to support the Muslims who stick to the Koran by inaction or vocally.

As for the elections in Iran- I think ABADMANIjad stole it in a more blatant way than Al Franken stole Norm Coleman's seat in Minnesota. I think there are a growing number of pro-western Iranians (especially among the youth). However, being pro-west will not cure the world's ills. Only Jesus will. We, the USA, if we escape Obama's socialism, still will not be the answer.

The answer to the world's problems is a life truly focused and dedicated to Christ. Not, nominal Christianity. Not hyper-Calvinists like Fred Phelps and godhatesfags.com. People like John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, D. James Kennedy, John Piper, Albert Mohler,etc.- those who focus(ed) on Jesus in their different ways.

Finally, religious fanaticism in Islam is what most resembles the roots and history of Islam- beginning with Mohammed. Did you know that Allah preceded Islam and Mohammed? Allah was the moon god worshiped in the religiously pluralistic city of Mecca when Mohammed was growing up.

Cindy said...

President Obama is now proud of his Muslim roots. He attempted to hide them during the campaign. Many of our politicians have decided on political correctness by saying Islam is a religion of peace. Tell that to the women of that society. Tell that to the families of the victims of 9/11, Daniel Pearl, many other US citizens, etc. Obama is not the messiah, Jesus is. Wherever Jesus is accepted life is better for all. The family of the deceased man needs our prayers as does the Muslims!!!