Oct 12, 2009

"Becoming Fulfilled in God" Ecclesiastes 1.1-3; 12.13-14

This is the English version of the Sermon Outline from Sunday October 11, 2009. The Sermon is downloadable under the streaming player below the outline.

"Becoming Fulfilled in God" Ecclesiastes 1.1-3, 9-11; 2.12-17; 12.13-14

All is Vanity (Ecclesiastes 1.1-3, 9-11)

  • All will fade away, nothing lasts

  • The Preacher understood all was temporary on the Earth

All is Futility (Ecclesiastes 2.12-17)

  • Everything we have fades away

  • Everything we do is forgotten

  • Rich and poor suffer the same fate

  • The Preacher hated the futility of depending on the world for fulfillment

All Has Been Heard (Ecclesiastes 12.13-14)

  • The only lasting thing comes from obedience to God

  • Follow His commandments

  • Turn to Christ and be saved- it is the only way to find real fulfillment

  • Through salvation in Christ we can become fulfilled in God


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ecclesiastes is one of my favorites books of the Bible. It really is quite brilliant.

I always found some dark humor in the book of Ecclesiastes in its candor and in its frustration of how futile human endeavors often feel.

"Meaningless! Meaningless! .. I thought in my heart, the fate of the fool will overtake me also. What then do I gain by being wise?
I said in my heart, this too is meaningless."

All the work, the toil, the strife, the sorrows and the joys .... none of it lasts. It is fleeting and will not be remembered tomorrow by us or anyone else. Even if it is, its real meaning will be lost to those who recall it.

- James