Oct 12, 2009

Emmanuel Ministries Notes 10/11/09

Yesterday we were locked out of our normal meeting place. Due to the circumstances, flexibility was once again in order. We combined the English and Spanish services and I put together a message based on some devotions I had done on the book of Ecclesiastes. My wife interpreted for me and it went well. I will post the sermon shortly. There will be a very basic outline to go with it.

Later on that evening, Loiana and I were talking and I told her I thought that we should combine the services from now on and she should interpret. If we follow through with this plan, I will go over the outline with her before Sunday. I will also have the Spanish and English Scripture and main points for my notes. Then she will only have to translate my elaborations.

We will see if this is the way to go. For right now we are praying that it will work out well.

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