Jan 17, 2012

An American Betrayal

I am watching "5 Days of War". It is about the invasion of Georgia (the Nation- a former Soviet slave nation) by Putin with his Soviet-style leadership.

This demonstrates the cowardice of George W. Bush and the lack of backbone in the United States. Georgia supported the USA in the war against terrorism, but we betrayed them as they were brutally attacked by the communists in control of Russia. The USA will attack weak nations like Iraq or Lybia, but we will not stand by our allies.

It was bad under George W. Bush, but it has worsened under Barack Obama. He not only cowers, but he caters and bows to our enemies.

As I remember this time in history I am ashamed of our nation's "leadership." The trailer is below. (Warning: the movie contains serious themes of war, gruesome scenes and profanity)

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