Sep 21, 2007

The Sum of All Tears...

A short story influenced by the movie and book "The Sum of All Fears," and current political reactions to the War on Terror- what some call World War III and I call World War IV (because the Cold War was a war). 

The left-wing Democrats in the United States congress were able to take control of the House of Representatives in November 2008. They immediately teamed with the left-wing leaders in the Senate to take control of Congress due to the nominal right wing's lack of resolve in their perceived convictions.

Along with this, the new President and Congress forced the military accept new conditions on the way the war on terror would be waged. The eventual most important aspect of these changes was the 100% avoidance of collateral damage. As this became publicized, the islamic terrorists began to offer meetings to dialogue for peace. However, they increased their attacks on the military and civilian targets in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One day in May of 2007, the US Air Force acquired a target in downtown Najaf. There was 100% verified proof that Habib Al Salami was hiding in a small house in town. The house was marked by undercover special forces and the attack was ordered. As the jets approached, Al Salami placed a family- bound and gagged- on the roof of the house he was hiding in. When this was communicated to the air command, the attack was called off due to the policy concerning collateral damage. Habib Al Salami escaped before the house could be raided by commandos.

Two weeks later, Habib Al Salami was in Saudi Arabia completing the plan to smuggle a nuclear bomb into the United States through the Southern boarder and another through the Northern boarder. The thought was that at least one should arrive at the destination.

On June 1, 2009, two cell groups received the two bombs without any trouble and prepared their plans for terror on an unimaginable scale.

On June 6, 2009, 65 years after D-Day, another "D-Day" was scheduled to occur. Without warning, almost simultaneously, nuclear warheads exploded in Washington D.C. and Tampa, FL just outside of MacDill Air Force Base. The devastation was on a grand scale. The Capitol, the White House, all the major monuments and a majority of Congress and the Vice President were wiped out in the blink of an eye. The Air Force Base in Tampa and much of downtown- including Tampa's football stadium and international airport- was leveled.

The power of the nuclear weapons surprised even the experts. The lawmakers who handcuffed the military were no longer making decisions- they were less than ashes. American families were torn apart with losses in the hundreds of thousands.

The President, now alone in Command of the nation, was beyond shock. He had to decide what course of action to take...

This concludes the short story. Think about the way we wage war now- we go out of our way to avoid civilian casualties. That is good, but only to a certain extent.

In the story above, Al Salami could have been stopped, but the human shields were used effectively to aid in his escape. A few people were not to become collateral damage, but in the end thousands upon thousands paid the price.

The USA is becoming a nation lacking conviction. We have allowed ourselves to celebrate sin and reject God. I believe a result of this is a weakening of what made the USA strong. With the loss of our moral fiber, we have also lost our will and our ability to stand on virtue. We have none to stand on.

Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people. (Proverbs 14.34 NASB)

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